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Riding Lessons

I teach the way I wish someone had taught me. I've had successful students from 3 to 79 yrs old. I will teach you to ride, but I will also teach you confidence. You will learn everything your are willing to learn and need to know to be able to handle a horse confidently by yourself.

Jean Wagner

My lessons zre different. Everyone says that. Them came about because I learned as an adult and was unhappy with the way I was taught. These lessons will never make you sore. I teach things no one teaches any more. The movements are simple, but not easy. I am right there with you until it all comes together.

Whether your style is western, english or carriage driving, you will learn a balanced seat. Balance is always dynamic: it many look motionless, but a constant shift and flow by the rider maintains that stillness.

Using my knowledge of human body mechanics, I have engineered lessons that, once learned, your body will never forget. The techniques that do not work have been eliminated.


Horses can be dangerous; there is no doubt about that. However, every precaution is taken to insure your safety. Other horses and animals are removed from the area during your lesson time. The horse is groomed, checked over, and is ready to begin when you arrive. All preparations are completed at least ten minutes before the appointment is scheduled.

I have had many students who have had one or more bad experiences with horses as well as some who are just plain terrified of horses. After a few times around on Honey they all relax. I make it as safe as possible and still involve a horse.

Meadowind Oaks

Horses bring a calm- peacefullness to your life. People like simple things in this ever more stress filled world. You are in another world for a short time. You are not plugged into anything except the horse and maybe the breeze.

The horse will humble you - be ready!

The things you work on while being with a horse will carry over to our own life and you will see yourself improve along with the horse.

Riding, as in life, is going where you want to go at the speed you want to go at.

Working with and especially riding a horse is about balance. In every way balance is dynamic and many times fleeting. You learn in little, never to be forgotten steps, how to do it. You are guiding yourself and the horse ever closer to the goal - unity.
Riding Lessons- What you will learn:
  • The fact that a horse is a prey animal and how that affects their behavior;
  • The relative acuteness of the horse's five senses, as compared with other animals;
  • How the horse sees while moving forward;
  • The best way to control the horse and why;
  • How to turn the horse without pulling on the reins;
  • How to use your body to signal the horse;

  • ..and that is just the first four lessons! In addition, you will be given exercises to do at home to help you learn your new skills in less time.

    All lessons are private and by appointment only. This way you aquire 99% less bad habits that would need to be unlearned when you want to advance.
    Lesson fee: $40 per session
What is riding like? Being able to communicate your wishes to a horse and have them answer exactly is something very special.

Trail rides
All the trails have been paved over. If you have experience and can handle a horse, took toward the Ocala area.

Driving Lessons
Driving is the fastest growing sport worldwide! As horse lovers and their equine companions age and riding becomes a challenge, they are taking up driving. The Florida driving community is expanding. New venues are popping up all over - there are at least 3 groups in Florida.

Meadowind Oaks

Morgan horses most always learn to drive before they are ridden, so I can get you started. I earned a small R in pleasure driving in the 80's and even remember most of the rules. If you have a horse and have been trying to do it on your own, I can help there too. You start on the ground and first master the reins and whip, then you graduate to the travois. Before you know it, you are sitting in a cart.    My place or yours (within reason) $65.00/hr

Equine Assisted Learning, and Ground Lessons
Discover the horses up close on the ground. These session promote leadership skills, buld confidence, trust, communication, creativity and problem solving skills and more. All this happens while having fun with a horse. Horses do no lie and will not follow well until you summon up the leader inside of you. Coorporations all over are sending their managers en masse to these sessions all over the country.

You don't have to travel for house. I have been doing this for years, but now we are offering it to smaller groups - 4 people really works best because you get to switch horses and you learn more. If you wish to come alone, we can certainly accommodate you.

First we will let you try out the halter and learn how it feels to be a horse. Then we will help you to catch and lead a horse, followed by what some call "Horse Games".

These sessions are suitable for adults and children 6 and up.
  • One person, 1/2hr $30.00 - 1hr. $60.00
  • Two people, 1hr $45.00 each
  • 3or 4 people, 2-2 1/3hrs. $40.00 each
  • Everyone must wear closed shoes
  • Children must wear long pants to ride the horse
  • No dogs allowed

Any time we can gather 4 or 5 kids together, it's a go! This is me and the children. They get adult attention and supervision all the time - no crafts, no swimming - all horses.

They come early in the morning and by 2:30 OR 3PM they are exhausted!

What do they learn: Meadowind Oaks
  • Horsekeeping - how and why
  • How to catch and lead a horse
  • The parts of the horse
  • About the feet
  • Horses teeth
  • Horse behavior
  • Colors and markings
  • Gaits
  • About saddles and harnesses
  • About bits and bridles

  • 5 days - $200 per child

Release Form for Children's Activities

Children's parties are more fun with a horse and unforgettable. I have tables and chairs, etc - eight to twelve kids (5-8yrs old) work best. Everyone that wants to, gets a ride a horse that I lead. Parents get lots of great pictures!

You bring the party and play games. whatever we discuss and settle on before hand will be set up for you. I will handle the horse and one rider at a time. If you bring carrots, everyone gets to feed the horse also. 1 1/2 hrs for $125.00

"I Want to Do This"
'This' might be a vague feeling of wanting to be with or work with a horse. 'This' might be learning to handle a horse on the ground.

I get calls all the time from people who can't exactly verbalize what it is, but want to do it anyway. So to answer these needs I have put together a program. It cost $40 for 3 hours. You get hands on contact and learn a lot. This only works with 4 people at a time. You get a lot more out of being one in a small group. Each group is a little different. I can address what ever topics you like. If you would like to be put on a waiting list, please call (Telephone: 941-924-7146)

We are within 5 minutes from I-75, Exit 207(BeeRidage and Cattlemen Rd). It's a great place for horses - they come and they don't want to go. The gates stay open most of the time and there is some shade all day long. Horses under my care are rarely sick - there are hardly any flies here. It is a quiet peaceful place much of the time. This is not a fancy place, but it is safe and your horse will get excellent care and feed. Hay and feed are twice a day, every day, and they get lunch hay when the grass is short.

The barn is heavily reinforced concrete and insulated. It has full doors and dirt stalls with mats. There is an elevated wash rack, big tack room and a real toilet with real paper. There are two arenas and 10 acres for riding or driving. I am here most all the time - all this for $450/month.

Meadowind Oaks

I occasionally will take a horse to train or retrain, but I would rather teach you to be a better trainer and partner for your horse. This is my philosophy. The horse needs you to be a strong, consistent, sensitive, kind and considerate leader. The horse needs you to be a bigger person than you think you are - the horse will humble you. Boundaries must be created because boundaries create focus and concentration. So the trainer has to come up with two more things.

As you work with a horse, you are aiming at getting it to relax - so you must leave all of your problems at the barn door. If you bring them in it will not be a good day because you cannot hide anything from a horse. They know all about you all the time.

Leasing a Horse
If you have the ability, but don't want or can't purchase a horse, I will consider leasing one of mine. You get to ride almost whenever you want. The horse gets to have a human for a while and I get a little relief from upkeep. A signed lease agreement and deposit are required - the price is negotiable.

Farm Visits from Jean
I can come to your farm or boarding facility to help you with your horse and provide any one or combination of the things I do.

Saddle Fitting
I do not sell saddles and I am not a dealer. I only want to teach you to tell if your saddle is properly fitted to you and your horse. I knew for a long time that my friends were uncomfortable, but in 1989 at one of Linda Jones clinics, I came home with real tools.

I come with pads and girths so that you and your friend can feel the difference a good fit makes. Many behavior or resistance problems are the result of the back pain your friend is feeling.
Up to 90 minutes within 30 miles - $65.00

Animal Communication
Meadowind OaksI have been talking to animals since I was a small child and they have been talking back. Now it is 'In". Foreign countries are way ahead of us, if you have a problem with your animal, you just ring up your A.C. (Animal Communicator) and have them visit. We are not there yet. When I visit, I try to help you learn a little too. I believe that it can be taught to a degree.

Everyone wants to know how it works. I can tell you it is not the same for everyone. Some people feel what the animal is feeling. Some people 'see'. Most of the time with me it is an inner voice, or maybe a silent voice would be a better description. It can be faster than you can speak. Each animal is different, with its own set of wants, fears and emotions.

A lot of this stuff comes out when we do what I call 'three sided conversations". Another person is posting the question and I become the medium. !/2hr is $45.00, 1hr is $65.00

Many many people worldwide call the brainchild of Linda Tellington Jones, Magic. Care givers of every ilk use it every day: Zoo keepers, vets, animal trainers and many human therapists as well. However, it is not just for professionals. Anyone can learn. I love it because all you need is your hands to help a distressed beasty. I have been using TTouch and the ground exercises that go with it for over 25 years. Linda has always said that you are awakening cells. Brain wave studies that have been done demonstrate that whether you are applying or receiving TTouch, there is a specific activation of beta, alpha, theta and delta brain waves in both left and right hemispheres. Some of the changes are profound.

If you think you have a candidate that could be helped, give me a call (Telephone: 941-924-7146).
  • One person, 1hr. $60.00
  • Two people, 1hr $45.00 each
  • 3or 4 people, 2-2 1/3hrs. $40.00 each

Anyone can learn to do this. Some how, in this great country of ours, we need someone to give us the know how and the confidence to touch. The best way to learn is in a group - you get valuable feedback as you move around.

I graduated from Suncoast in Tampa. Running back and forth to Tampa was not my idea of a great time, but it was worth it. My patients tell me that I have magic hands. Their bodies tell my hands what to do and they get better. My patients don't need a weekly 'fix'.

My horses were some of my first clients. I have learned and mostly use an osteopathic method called "Positional Release". This method achieves excellent results with less discomfort to the patient. $65.00 for 1 full hour.

Horse Photography
People always ask about the pictures on this web site. Most all of the photos were taken by 3 people.

Brian Richman was a horse show photographer I met at a driving event. He had the fastest finger in the east. Most of the rest were taken by either Steve or Sherry Z. A combination of their equipment and my knowledge resulted in the photos on this site.

Good horse pictures rarely just happen by themselves. If you want to learn and are serious, I will trade you the knowledge for the pictures. This is not easy - there is a lot of preparation and plain hard work to get an image worth keeping.

Meadowind Oaks

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